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Along the result entry all entered results are being validated. Some results are rejected up front, some can be confirmed and some can be changed into another result. The following validations are performed:

Rejected results
Results with incorrect characters, or results with decimals, are rejected up front.

Confirmable results
Results that do not end with a zero, or results that are outside the interval
-7600:7600, can be confirmed.

Questionable high result
The limit of a high result is set to the lowest game result, i.e. +-400. If a North-South result exists that is 400 or more and you enter an East-West result of 400 or more, Magic Contest gives you the options of accepting the result, rejecting the result or changing the result into a North-South result.

Questionable vulnerability
Results like 650 non-vulnerable or 400 vulnerable are perfectly valid but questionable (5SX+1 = 650 is more likely to be 4S+1 = 450 and 400 is more likely to be 3N = 600 than a number of setting tricks). All results can be confirmed or changed into the likely result.