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Tomas Brenning
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Mobile: +46 70 742 77 42

Veckholms-┼kerby 2
SE-745 99  Enk÷ping

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All available movements come from the book Movements - a fair approach by HallÚn, Hanner and Jannersten. Both one-winner and two-winner movements are available as well as well-balanced barometer movements. If needed, Magic Contest can print both guidecards and guideslips.

If the above movements are not sufficient it is possible to create your own movements. You can download an extremely simple movement editor that allows you to create your own movements.

You need Microsoft Access to finalize the movements, but before that you can use for instance Excel to outline the movement. If you don't have Access, please contact me and we will find a solution.

For those of you who are creative and want to share your creations, please e-mail your movements to me and I will post them here together with credits.