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When there is a fouled board parts of the field has played a board with one layout and other parts with another layout. For example, 5 and Q may have switched hands.

The first thing to do is to decide which version is the main one. The other version is called Version a. Results referring to the main version are entered in a normal fashion while the other results are to be succeeded by >a, i.e. -420>a.

The fouled board will create one score table per version and Neuberg's formula will be used to adjust the awarded points. Magic Contest can handle multiple fouled versions (a-i).

Fouled board and Bridgemate
The most convenient way to assign a fouled board when you use Bridgemate is the following:

  • Turn off the Bridgemate import.
  • Click Board and select the board. Sort the results by round.
  • Find out what round the fouling starts in (usually the board is fouled in many rounds).
  • Click the result of that round.
  • Enter >a (seemingly over-writing the result) and press Enter.
Now you will see that the results starting from that round and all the way to the end have been changed into fouled boards.

If you discovered the fouled board after a few rounds this is how you take away the fouling on the boards at the end:

Follow the instructions above. Then click the round where the board is correct again. Then, instead of >a, just enter > and press Enter. Now the fouling will be removed for all the remaining results.

Entry Ruling
420>a Fouled board entry (read more to your left).