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Tomas Brenning
Tel:     +46 171 47 50 37
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Mobile: +46 70 742 77 42

Veckholms-Åkerby 2
SE-745 99  Enköping

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Nobody likes the tedious task of editing bidding practice forms in Word, or trying to figure out exactly what bids have been made by your partner when using a bad fax machine. Occasionally you misplace the bidding practice sheet which makes it impossible to continue bidding. Finally, when the bidding is over, discussing and arguing is just a waste of time since you never seem to remember your reasoning to particular bids.

Do you recognize these problems? Magic Bidding provides a solution to them all! Use a deal generator to generate the hands, import them into a Magic Bidding document, open the graphic environment and start bidding. When you have stepped through all deals, save the document and send it to your partner by e-mail. All hands are saved in the document and are thus available to both you and your partner immediately when the bidding is over.

The days of trying to remember what deals to comment the next time you talk to your partner are over. If you have any questions or if anything annoys you, just type whatever comment you like in the edit box and this message will be shown to your partner when he opens the deal. You can also hook a comment to a particular bid. This kind of comment is hidden but can be shown on request, for instance when the bidding is over.

Deal generator
Magic Bidding supports the following deal generators:

  • Bridge D/A
  • Any deal generator that can create PBN files

    Magic Bidding runs in a Windows95/98/NT environment. Windows 3.11 is not supported.

  • Price list SEK EUR US$
    Magic Bidding + Bridge D/A
      Pair licence 800 90 110
      Triple licence 1.200 135 165
      Team lic (6 players) 2.000 225 275
      Player lic (stand alone) 500 60 70

    2006-03-23  Demo version (1,8 MB)
    2007-02-28  Readme (4 kB)
    2000-06-13  Change log (6 kB)

    Readme contains installation instructions and a quick-start to Magic Bidding. Change log contains details on the version history.

    Broken Help system
    Magic Bidding's internal Help system is unfortunately broken in more modern versions of Windows.

    For what it's worth, you can read the source of the Help system as PDF or RTF. There are many pages, and the structure is designed for the Windowds Help, so you have to take it for what it is:

    View Help file (pdf)
    View Help file (pdf)

    Version history
    00-02-08  1.2.1
    00-01-05  1.2.0
    98-09-22  1.12
    98-05-18  1.11
    98-04-18  1.1

    Screen shots
    Graphic environment