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Tomas Brenning
Tel:     +46 171 47 50 37
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Mobile: +46 70 742 77 42

Veckholms-┼kerby 2
SE-745 99  Enk÷ping

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The first program I developed was launched in the spring of 1989. After collecting ideas I started to develop GG2 the day after Christmas 1991. Finally, in February 1994, the program was ready for distribution. To this date the program has mainly been distributed to clubs and tournament directors in Sweden but people in Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Turkey, Israel and China also use the program.

GG2 is a DOS program with versions both in Swedish and English. You can run it without problems under Windows 3.1 or Windows95/98/NT. Being a DOS program, GG2 still uses the modern type of user interface that consists of menus, windows, lists and all that comes with a "graphical" text interface. GG2 is not mouse driven.


  • GG2 works on PC:s and takes up some 600k on the hard disk.
  • You can calculate matchpoints, IMPs across the field and Butler. All these types can be used both with pairs and individual contests. You can also play Swiss pairs. Pair contests can be calculated like normal contests with one winner or Mitchell contests with two winners.
  • You can calculate normal team-of-four events, Swiss Teams and Board-A-Match.
  • There are no practical limitations to the number of pairs and boards (1000 pairs, 1000 boards).
  • You can create movement tables (called rotation tables in the program) to control the pair or team movements. This does not work for individual contests.
  • When you enter results, a number of validations are being executed, e.g. the pairs are seated in the correct direction or the results are checked for the correct vulnerability. More possible error are checked.
  • You can build a name file with the players in your club or district which, in the other contests, will help you entering the names quicker.
  • The name file is the basis of a function called "league" (combined contest). This is a kind of contest where you can calculate the best n out of N results. The only thing you have to do is create a league, calculate a contest where the names were entered via the name file and transfer the final results to the league. The combined result can the be printed in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.
  • The hand records can be read automatically from the Jannersten dealing machine. This way you can print complete hand records after the contest or next to the score table on the running score.
  • You can use up to ten different print layouts to enter the way you want your printouts to look. The print layouts are not fixed, i.e. you can change almost everything when it comes to what to print and where to print it.
  • If there is a contest between players from two or more clubs, you can sum the results of the n best players in each club into a club contest.
  • There is a function that makes it possible to bet money, get the actual odds on winner and place, and get a list of the people winning money. You can also combine different contests into a combined bet.

    New version
    All computer programs have to be rewritten twice, i.e. a total of three versions, before you have solved all problems correctly. Currently, I'm working on the third (and final?) version, this time for Windows95/98/NT. In this version I have focused on movements, something GG2 does not handle very well. Jannersten Förlag AB has published a book called "Movements - a fair approach" by the tournament director Hans-Olof HallÚn. This book covers everything (and a bit more) worth knowing about movements. The idea is that the program is based on the book (you can use it without the book as well). Starting a contest means picking, or letting the program pick, a suitable movement and then it is up to you to calculate the contest.

  • Price list SEK EUR US$
    GG2 3.500 500 500
    GG2-html 800 100 100
    GG2 + GG2-html 4.000 570 570

    2000-03-28  Swedish demo (260 kB)
    2000-03-28  English demo (260 kB)
    2000-03-28  English.txt (49 kB)

    WinZip for Windows or PKUnzip for DOS is required to unpack the downloaded files. The complete handbook only exists in Swedish. English.txt is just a comprised English version.