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Tomas Brenning
Tel:     +46 171 47 50 37
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Mobile: +46 70 742 77 42

Veckholms-Åkerby 2
SE-745 99  Enköping

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All contests can be reported to a website. The report contains a complete result list and all boards including pair numbers and awarded scores. Hand records are included if available.

Magic Contest allows you to add bitmaps to your website reports in case you want to thank your sponsors or maybe just to show your club's logo.

Magic Contest only creates the report page. This means that you are responsible for creating navigation pages as well as transferring all pages to the website. Some time in the future, these features will form a Magic Contest add-on module.

If you report a contest to a point league, a corresponding website report is also created.

Website samples
Regular contest
... including personal scorecards

... in German (Austria)
... with a lot of German translations

... in French

Demo version
Reporting a contest to a website works but is slightly restricted in the Magic Contest demo version. The result list is reported but only odd board numbers up to 9 are included in the report.

Cascading style sheets
Magic Contest supports css to a certain extent. Since the website reports are basically text files, the items you can apply the style sheets on are the background and the title. You can change typeface or font size for the normal text, but this is not recommended.