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Along the result entry you may have the need of presenting the results parallel to the result entry. The Current standing option gives you that possibility without really having to do anything.

Current standing is saved in html which means that Internet Explorer or Netscape can be used to view the current standing. Open the internet browser and place it on the side of the result entry window. You and the players can watch the result list change after every entered scorecard with no extra work from your part.

Have you experienced the feeling of being crowded by the players when you enter results. They look over your shoulder to see a glimpse of the results so far. Just connect an external screen or a video projector to your computer and show the current standing on that display, or why not hook up a number of computers to a computer network and display the current standing on all displays.

The next step is to schedule a transfer to internet, thus showing the current standing say every five minutes. The options are numerous.

Normal pair contest
Auto-updating barometer contest
Auto-updating barometer contest (frames)

These samples are auto-updated every 3 seconds. The normal setting is 15 seconds and it is at your liberty to change that interval to something that suits you.

"Frames" (see above) is a method for displaying two pages at the same time in the same window. There are two possible setups:

  • One event: Ranking in one window and boards in the other
  • Two events: Ranking A in one window and Ranking B in the other

In fact, there are many more types of setups. For instance, you can select to put advertisment in one frame and results in the other.

This is something that is not integrated in Magic Contest, so if you want to use frames you have to create the frameset yourself.

The following is an example of such a frameset. Create your own html page and insert the code as described below.

<title>Two sections</title>
<frameset cols="50%,50%">
<frame src=magiccontesta.htm>
<frame src=magiccontestb.htm>