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Use PBN files for master points
General information
Specifications and samples

NBO to club
2007-03-23  Member list (12 kB)
2004-01-29  Contest report category (6 kB)

Club to NBO
2004-01-29  Member list update request (7 kB)
2010-01-20  Contest report (master points and rating) (13 kB)

NBO is an abbreviation that reads National Bridge Organisation.

Samples from the Austrian version (note 1)
2012-07-13  Member list (46 kB)
2012-07-13  Contest report category (1 kB)
2012-07-13  Contest report (note 2 - with MPs) (5 kB)
2012-07-13  Contest report (note 2 - without MPs) (4 kB)

Note 1! These samples are not country specific even though the Austrian files have been used as samples. This means that you can use the specification and look at the samples and create your own set of files.

Note 2! Depending on setup, Magic Contest can report master points or not to the NBO:

  • The Swedish bridge federation does all MP calculations at the office and thus the report contains no MPs but only member ID and result of the contest. This of course means that the clubs can not print master points on their final results.
  • The Austrian version allows printing of MPs in the clubs which leads to the contest report containing MPs. The requirement for this is that a DLL is developed, according to specific guidelines, for calculating the master points.